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Adding images into your clients appointment:)

Adding images into your clients appointment will help keep you organized. Images can be uploaded or you can use your mobile device’s camera to import direct. Images such as client found reference, existing tattoos you may be covering or working near, your references, tracings or photographs of the body part you are drawing for and your sketches and outline are some good image ideas to save. Driving the entire way to the shop and realizing you forgot your outline or an important photo can happen very easily, but with a good image saved you can print it out and be back on track in no time.

Select upload images in the appointment

select files to upload or use your cell phone camera

save and your pictures will be placed into the appointment. Full size image when clicked and select trash in the upper right corner to delete.

Photos will also be available in the clients upcoming appointments and history sections.

Making good client appointment notes:)

Adding good client notes will help you to keep on top of your appointments. Drawing for hours and preparing stencil ready line art, only to have the client remind you that you were supposed to add in some small detail that will now mean a complete re-draw is terrible.

Mana has plenty of room for good notes, both in the appointment section and in the individual client section. The more detailed you are with your notes, the better off you will be. This is even more important if you are an artist that keeps a busy schedule, keeping track of all the minor details for an appointment that is scheduled a year in advance is imperative. Here are some helpful tips:

Copy and paste client emails directly into the notes section. This gives you exact conversation between you and the client without having to search through a zillion emails to find the info.

Be descriptive!!! Leaving yourself a note that says, “upper left arm” will not help you out much. Help your future self out when it comes to your notes.

Here is an example of some good appointment notes that will help you in the future.

“Cosmic eye, realism style with soft fades in case of future add on. Upper left arm, stay above t-shirt line for work. Color with strong emphasis on blues and purples. No surrounding tattoos, no cover. Client has a price range of 375 to 450. Has 100$ deposit. See attached images for reference. Not direct copy, references are for style.”

NEW! Updating Waivers Functionality

Good Evening everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great Labor Day and NOT working. As of today, the 1st, we have launched our Waiver update. With this, you can now update your waivers, have tooltips to alert you if you have clients that need new waivers to be signed, and can access/print the previous waivers for each customer right from the program! Below are some screenshots of the steps to be taken:

  1. You can see by the notifications, who already has signed a waiver and is being stored in Mana Scheduler.

2. In the Shot Settings, Press Templates and you can Edit the Waiver saved for your shop. The prompt will warn you of the effect of the changes.

3. Once you’ve made the necessary changes to the waiver, you will select YES to it being a New Version of the waiver.

4. In your Client List, you will now see all your Clients need the new waiver. When hovering over it, the Tooltip will let you know if their waiver needs signed/updated or if it is up to date (after the new one has been signed).

5. Finally, Below the signature field of the new waiver, you will see any previous waivers that customer has signed, which are able to be Viewed/Printed.

We hope this all makes sense and you are as excited about the new feature as some of our other users are! Thank you again for your time and have a great rest of your Labor Day!

Welcome to Mana Scheduler!

I just wanted to first say, we hope anyone that celebrated it, had a great Easter holiday! I want to thank you again for trying out our software program and I hope that we have, and can continue to bring to you a great system to help make your lives easier!

With that being said, Welcome to Mana! Our plan with this blog is to periodically update you with news and examples of new features and how-to’s to show you some of the functionality you might not even know that it does already.

Please remember, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us either via the support email link in the Quick actions in the left or by calling us at toll-free 1-866-865-6262


Team Mana 😊