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Using Mana Scheduler like an App

Don’t see an app for Mana in your AppStore? No worries! You can add it to your device right from the browser. Here’s how!

Adding Mana to your devices home screen or app page is easy. This hides the browser giving you a app style view without your browser taking up your screen space.

Android chrome: Open Browser settings, select “Add to home screen”

Apple Safari: Click the “share” icon, select “Add to home screen”

PC Chrome browser: Go to open browser settings, select “Install Mana Scheduler”

Homescreen icon android
Mana as mobile device app.
Mana as desktop app.

Welcome to Mana Scheduler!

I just wanted to first say, we hope anyone that celebrated it, had a great Easter holiday! I want to thank you again for trying out our software program and I hope that we have, and can continue to bring to you a great system to help make your lives easier!

With that being said, Welcome to Mana! Our plan with this blog is to periodically update you with news and examples of new features and how-to’s to show you some of the functionality you might not even know that it does already.

Please remember, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us either via the support email link in the Quick actions in the left or by calling us at toll-free 1-866-865-6262


Team Mana 😊